Monday, 7 February 2011

Mark Reckless MP Helps Out Local Students

Mark Reckless MP was very pleased to help out students at the University of Kent's Centre for Journalism.

Mark joined fellow Kent MP Tracey Crouch during the student's most recent news day where teams are tasked with producing 15 minute news broadcasts as part of their course.

Student Laura Hartmann welcomed Mark's help:

"For us as students, it was great getting a sitting MP into our tv studio as a live guest - especially as it was the first ever TV news day for us second years."

Mark responded by saying:

It's great to be asked and to be able to assist local students when I can. I really enjoyed the experience and would like to wish everyone involved the very best with their studies."


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Anonymous said...

Couldn't hear the interview at all. I hope they get their sound sorted out before they qualify