Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mark Reckless MP Congratulates Medway Council

Mark Reckless, Member of Parliament for Rochester and Strood, congratulates Medway Council for finding £23 million of required savings, whilst protecting front line services.

Mark said:

"This is an excellent testament to the work done by my Conservative colleagues on Council to ensure that residents still get good services and an efficient Council. We understand the need for Councils to make cuts, in the same way as our residents and their families have had to, and I praise the responsible way in which Medway Council, and in particular Finance Chief Councillor Alan Jarrett have done this with minimal impact to our Medway residents.

What we do not understand is why similar cuts are not being made to the E.U. budget. We are delighted that other councils are following our lead and calling for MPs to force cuts to the E.U. budget similar to the ones local councils have had to make".

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