Friday, 15 January 2010

Council Unites Against 'Boris Island'

At its meeting last night Medway Council considered a report on the 'feasibility study' into an estuary airport commissioned by the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and the council's ongoing campaign against the proposal.

Mark told fellow councillors:

"The council can be proud of the measured and united opposition which it has put forward to this proposal for an estuary airport.

As someone who was closely involved in the No Airport at Cliffe campaign, I am delighted that this latest proposal has not led to the property blight and fear we saw on the Peninsula last time.

In part that is because it is only proposed by a local mayor rather than having the full weight of government behind it.

I suspect that it also owes something to Boris's rather unique personal style. Although the council is right to work to oppose the plan, I do find that many of our residents find it difficult to take 'Boris Island' entirely seriously.

Boris has a further problem in that it appears he lacks the legal power to build this airport.

A Conservative government would give councils the general power to do things in their area that will be to the general benefit.

It certainly won't be giving Boris the power to build an airport on an island seventy miles from central London.

As the leader rightly told the media Boris would be well advised to confine his activities to London.

This council, on a united basis, will work to ensure he does just that."

To support our campaign please sign this petition against an estuary airport


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