Friday, 4 March 2011

Mark Reckless: The Government’s bold Tourism Strategy will boost the economy in Rochester and Strood

The publication today of the Coalition Government’s Tourism Strategy will cut red tape, free up local businesses, and re-establish the tourism industry as a key priority for restoring the UK economy.

The bold proposals include a consultation on extending the tourist season by moving the first Bank Holiday in May to create a new St George’s Day holiday in England and St David’s Day in Wales.

The strategy will generate four million extra overseas visitors over the next four years, bringing an extra £2 billion worth of visitor spend in to the country and creating 50,000 new jobs.

Commenting on the publication of the strategy, Mark Reckless said,

"The Coalition’s Tourism Strategy will make a huge difference to the local economy here in Rochester and Strood.

"For too long, Labour ignored the vital importance of tourism whilst suffocating the industry with red-tape.

"After years in the Labour wilderness, tourism is finally being recognised as the crucial driver of our economy that it is."

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