Friday, 5 June 2009

Get Change For A Fiver

Today we are officially launching Mark's 'Change for a Fiver' initiative where we are asking you, the members of the public, to help bring Change to Medway and Britain by making a small donation to our campaign fund.

At a time when the Labour government is more interested in fighting amongst themselves for their own survival rather than doing what is right for the majority of the people in this country, it is now more important than ever that we have a General Election and we are asking for your help in fighting the Labour spin machine.

Because we understand how tough it is for everyone in the current economic climate all we are asking is that you make a small £5 donation that will help us to make sure the people of Rochester and Strood deliver a clear message to Labour that it is time for Change at the next General Election, which could come sooner rather than later.

If elected Mark Reckless is determined to find savings and give taxpayers better value for money, which will ultimately mean lower taxes, smaller government, more efficient public services and less state intrusion into your personal lives. As a long-time resident of Rochester and Strood Mark understands only too well how badly the people of Medway have been let down by this current government and is determined to fight hard for a better deal for Medway residents.

Fighting an election campaign doesn't come cheaply. Unlike the current Labour MPs we have here in Medway who managed to spend over £30,000 of taxpayers' money on propaganda in the 2007/08 period alone, Mark Reckless doesn't have a publicly funded communications allowance to tell you what a wonderful job he's doing. All of our leaflets, our posters, our postage costs (and even this website) are met from our own campaign funds - and quite rightly too, the public should not have to pay for political propaganda through their taxes.

So this is why we are asking you to make a donation to help Mark Reckless win a better, and fairer, deal for Medway. Just a small donation of £5 today will help make sure your local Conservative candidate can fight the publicly funded Labour spin machine. Or better still why not get involved in bringing Change to Medway and to Great Britain by joining Mark Reckless and the Conservative Party.

It's your choice, but ask yourself this: Can You Afford Another Five Years Of Labour?

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