Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Restoring Authority To Parliament

Congratulations to my friend Douglas Carswell for proposing the motion that Speaker Martin step down.

Douglas has taken no pleasure in leading this necessary, but far from sufficient, step to restore authority to Parliament.

He was criticised by some for not respecting traditional convention.

Douglas though comes from a tradition, perhaps more radical than whig, that demands necessary change. It is that tradition and the demand for Direct Democracy which it inspires which will be key if my party is to make politics work again.

The radicals demanded economy and accountability, expecting the latter to drive the former. We are in the same position today.

The first step to ensuring that public services are value for money must be to ensure that those who control them are accountable to those who pay for them.

Douglas has led Parliament in making the first step in this direction but there remains a very long way to go.

Photo Credit: Archbishop Cranmer


Cornish Conservative said...

Douglas Carswell is someone who makes me proud to be Conservative as does Daniel Hannan. I hope Daniel will consider becoming an MP in the House of Commons next year (like Mark. Good Luck Sir...) as the House needs principled individuals that holds value to the British Constition like you guys.


Mark Reckless said...

Many thanks

luis said...

Douglas Carswell deserves all credit for being the "lone voice in the wilderness' long before it was a fashionable issue.

I agree there remains a long way to go in ensuring accountability in the expenditure of taxpayers money.

MP's expenses has clearly become an emotive issue but I am sure Parliamet was not unique in this respect.

I have heard examples of people in the treasury/bank of England attending overseas conferences, flying business class without question, extending their stay to have a 'holiday' after the conference. These are mere anecdotes but the I am certain that Parliament is not the only place where taxpayer money is abused.

What about the billions spent on the NHS computer system ? Incompetence at best, down right corruption in cahoots with IT suppliers at worst I fear.